OUR WHY launch day!

Hello & Welcome :)

I hope this blog finds you well. I will drop a new blog at every launch and restock to give updates and make sure you are in the know about things that go on in the Serenity world. This is officially Serenity Forte's first blog and first launch ever!! My name is Bri and I have created this brand and can I just say that I feel like I am living an absolute dream. This doesn't feel real. I have dreamt of this moment for 2 years now and it's actually a reality. *cue the tears* I want to share with you all why Serenity exists. I could write a book on it but I will keep it as short and sweet as possible. I am a christian. God has put on my heart that I was destined to do something I could never have thought for myself but also something that could help people. God made me a loving woman and someone who could see the good in people. He knew I could reach the masses and wanted me to inspire people to go after their purpose. Did this bring me directly to the creation of Serenity Forte? Heck no! I tried to find it through coaching, education, you name it... I've probably tried it. None of those things really aligned with what I knew was the purpose for my life. From a little girl, I always aspired to be a fashion designer and squashed the idea once I was looking at colleges. I did the whole college thing and dropped out. Not for me whatsoever! Throughout college and into my 20s, I became addicted to fitness in the best way possible. It truly helped me center my mind and focus on what God was asking me to do. The idea of creating clothing had popped back into my mind and I really wanted to pursue it knowing it was a thing I could make possible with all the opportunities we have these days. I found a lot of my inspiration for the brand in nature, God's creation. Serenity was born and I vowed to create the most comfortable, high quality athletic wear on the market.

I hope you enjoy what I have created. Here's to listening to what's on our hearts and acting on it! 


Serenity Faith

honor God in style

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